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Dr. Sears' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Here!

Fresh from Italy, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has extraordinary flavor and is rich in unique polyphenols to help reduce inflammation. Part of our Metabolic Engineering dietary program, it helps reduce hunger, support healthy blood sugar, and promote longevity.

New 2024 Lot of

Your Metabolism Controls Your Weight And Way, Way More.

Your metabolism controls every stage of your life, from childhood to old age. It controls your weight, mental and physical performance, rate of aging, and much more. You can reprogram your metabolism by getting to the Zone. The Zone is not some mystical place but a defined state of peak metabolic efficiency.
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The Science of Dietary Control of Metabolism Is Complex

  • No one has ever said what metabolism really does. We will.
  • Your metabolism controls your weight and much more. We'll tell you why.
  • Metabolism controls your future wellness. We will show you how.

    You can only be considered well when your metabolism is operating at peak efficiency. If it isn’t, you may not be sick, but you are no longer well. Being in the Zone indicates your metabolism is working at peak performance.
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Only One Thing Is Stopping You from Getting into The Zone

It’s called insulin resistance. It’s not a disease, but it disrupts the metabolism in each of your 30 trillion cells. Although there is a blood test that tells your exact level of insulin resistance, if you have excess body fat, appear to be losing your mental and physical performance, or seem to be aging faster, you likely have insulin resistance.

We are experts in metabolic science and leaders in developing personalized dietary programs to reduce insulin resistance to get you to the Zone and keep you there for a lifetime. This is the science of Metabolic EngineeringTM. The Zone is where you want to be, but it’s Metabolic EngineeringTM. that gets you there and keeps you there. Metabolic EngineeringTM is your personalized road map to the Zone.

Your Roadmap To The Zone

Our Products Make It Easier Getting to the Zone

Zone Foods

Zone Foods

Reduce hunger that causes insulin resistance

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Resolve residual diet-induced inflammation that drives insulin resistance

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Repair the damage caused by insulin resistance

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Who Is Behind All This?

Dr. Barry Sears started the field of Metabolic EngineeringTM in 1995 with his #1 New York Times bestseller, The Zone. The science of the Zone continues to evolve as we learn more about the complexity of metabolism and how to control it by diet.

Evolution Of The Zone

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You are not alone on your journey to the Zone. Once you join our Zone community, you get the following:

• Personalized support from our technical staff to help you reach the Zone
• Updates on the latest research in Metabolic EngineeringTM
• Free eBooks to make it easier to get to (and stay) in the Zone
• Free access to video scientific presentations by Dr. Sears
• Free access to our video podcast, The Wellness Zone