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Your metabolism allows you to maintain life. It controls the conversion of food into energy, optimizes your immune system, controls inflammation, repairs damaged tissue, and orchestrates the expression of your genes. A disrupted metabolism causes weight gain, decreased mental and physical performance, and an increase in the rate of aging. What causes your metabolism to become less efficient is insulin resistance.

The answer is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is not a disease but an indication of a less efficient metabolism. The primary cause of insulin resistance is due to a pro-inflammatory diet. In addition, as you age, your metabolism also slows down.

Insulin resistance is caused by a pro-inflammatory diet, which can result from any of the following dietary factors.

(1) An excess intake of calories, simple sugars, omega-6 fatty acids, and palmitic acid, or
(2) A deficient dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols, or
(3) An unbalanced protein-to-carbohydrate balance in the diet.

The more prevalent these dietary factors are in your current diet, the more likely you will develop insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance can be measured by a simple blood test known as HOMA-IR. If your HOMA-IR is less than one, then you don’t have insulin resistance, and your health future is bright.

On the other hand, if your HOMA-IR is greater than two, then you have the beginnings of insulin resistance. The higher your HOMA-IR, the more insulin resistance you have, and the bleaker your future health becomes. The first physical sign that you have insulin resistance is usually weight gain, especially in your abdominal region.

There is no magic bullet for reducing insulin resistance because it depends on the dynamic interaction of three distinct dietary interventions to reprogram the metabolic efficiency in each of your 30 trillion cells. However, there is a dietary program that can. It’s called Metabolic EngineeringTM.

The foundation of Metabolic EngineeringTM, is the Zone diet, which is patented to reduce insulin resistance. Omega-3 fatty acids resolve inflammation that causes insulin resistance, and polyphenols repair the damage caused by insulin resistance. These are the 3Rs of Metabolic EngineeringTM,

Zone Labs is a biotechnology company that is the leader in dietary reprogramming of metabolism using Metabolic EngineeringTM.

This dietary technology is a clinically proven approach for reducing insulin resistance.

Here are some of the published clinical research studies that support that statement:

• The Zone diet reduces insulin resistance by over 50 percent in four days.
• The Zone diet is 56 percent more effective than the Mediterranean diet in reducing insulin resistance.
• Using Zone FoodsTM as part of the Zone diet reduces insulin resistance by more than 140 percent compared to a control diet with equal calorie restriction.
More than 40 clinical trials have been published on the Zone diet, demonstrating its superiority to all other diets in improving metabolic efficiency.
OmegaRx® reduces insulin resistance by 93 percent within 30 days.
MaquiRx® reduces oxidative stress in smokers by more than 50 percent compared to a placebo group within 30 days.

The science of Metabolic EngineeringTM is complex. A more detailed description of the evolving science of Metabolic EngineeringTM and its implications for human health at every stage of life can be found at

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