Dr. Sears

Written By: Dr. Sears Creator of the Zone Diet

When it comes to science let Dr. Sears do the work for you. It can be hard to know what to believe when it comes to medical information. With his more than 40 years of clinical research and continual scouring of the medical literature, let Dr. Sears’ become your trusted source of information.

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Lifestyle Tips

Written By: Mary Perry Zone Director of Clinical Trials

Put the science into practice with these lifestyles tips. We know life gets busy and sometimes you just want quick snip-its of information. We’ve got you covered with dinner ideas, meal planners, and nutrition basics to make Zone living easy to do!

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Zone Living

Written By: Zone Diet Experts

Put it all together with our Zone Newsletter. Every Zone customer receives our quarterly newsletter that covers the science, lifestyle and recipe ideas. Here we’ve selected some of the top articles in our Zone Living newsletter for you to see.

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