Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition™

The concept of the Zone began more than 35 years ago when Dr. Sears reasoned that the underlying cause of virtually all chronic disease was excess inflammation below the perception of pain. The complexity of his Zone concept has continued to evolve with new discoveries in molecular biology on how the diet controls not only inflammation, but also hormonal and genetic response. This evolution has lead to a new understanding on how the body can reduce inflammation, but also resolve and repair the damage caused by inflammation which occurs every time we have an injury (both internal and external) to the body.

The way the body heals from injury involves activation of specific hormonal and genetic factors. This is called the Resolution Response™. There is no drug that can activate the Resolution Response, but the correct diet can. Without an optimal Resolution Response, it is simply impossible to maintain a state of wellness thus preventing us from reaching our personal health goals at any stage. 

The Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition™ system is a comprehensive dietary system including the Zone Diet, omega-3 fish oil and polyphenols which makes it is easy to get to the Zone and optimize the bodies internal Resolution Response.


Lose Excess Body Fat

Improve Physical Performance

Maintain Wellness Over Time

Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition™

A comprehensive dietary strategy to get you in the Zone.

A comprehensive dietary strategy to get you in the Zone.

STEP 1: Reduce Inflammation with the Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was designed to reduce inflammation created by the foods we eat, also known as diet-induced inflammation. The Zone Diet focuses on hormonal control by minimizing the intake of foods known to promote inflammation such as refined grains and starches, saturated fats, and omega-6 fats like those found in vegetables oils. It also focuses on the hormones that are produced after we eat a meal to help with blood sugar control. This is done by eating the right balance of protein to carbohydrate at every meal and snack. Having the wrong balance increases diet-induced inflammation which over time can lead to insulin resistance.

STEP 2: Resolve Inflammation with Omega-3 Fish Oil

When inflammation in our bodies is out of balance, or unresolved, it is one of the main reasons we gain weight, become sick, and accelerate the aging process. Omega-3s are the building blocks for hormones that help combat or resolve inflammation. The two omega-3s in fish oil that have been most widely studied for their clinical benefits pertaining to decreased inflammation are EPA and DHA. OmegaRx 2 is a rich source of EPA and DHA, supplying one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s (75%) available in the consumer marketplace. These fatty acids are the building blocks to make a newly discovered group of hormones (i.e. resolvins) that are critical to resolve residual inflammation.

STEP 3: Repair Inflammation with Polyphenols

Polyphenols, found in fruits and vegetables, represent the last and most complex part of the Resolution Response. Polyphenols help repair the damage that results from unresolved inflammation. Most of us fall short on our intake of fruits and vegetables with only 1 out of every 10 adults in the U.S. meeting the recommended intake (5 servings per day). This is why supplementing the Zone Diet with purified polyphenols extracts can help fill in the gaps. Polyphenols help combat inflammation and promote repair through their activation of key genes. Zone Polyphenols work to support the body’s natural healing response by aiding in the repair of damage tissue caused by both diet and exercise-induced inflammation. 

How Do You Know If You're In The Zone?

The Zone™ is a real physiological state in your body that can be measured in clinical tests. If you are in the Zone, you have optimized your Resolution Response and your ability to control diet-induced inflammation. This inflammation is the reason you gain weight, become sick, and age faster.

There are three clinical markers that define if you are in the Zone. If all three clinical markers are within their ideal values, you are in the Zone. Otherwise, you are not.

Clinical Marker Ideal Value What It Indicates How to Test Yourself
TG/HDL ratioFrom your diet < 1 Level of insulin resistance in the liver. Typically included with normal blood work within your cholesterol panel. Ask your doctor.
AA/EPA ratioFrom your diet & omega-3s 1.5-3​ Level of diet-induced Inflammation in the body. Take the Take the Zone Labs Cellular Inflammation Test.
HbA1cFrom your diet & polyphenols 4.9% – 5.1% Level of oxidative stress using Advanced Glycoslated Endproducts (AGE) in your blood glucose as the measure. To measure your level of blood sugar over a three-month period, ask your doctor.

Based on these values, less than 1% of Americans have an optimized Resolution Response and are able to manage diet-induced inflammation to fall within the parameters of the Zone. Being in the Zone helps you control diet-induced inflammation for a longer period of time. This becomes key to maintaining wellness for as long as possible.

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