What is the Zone?

The Zone is not some mystical place. The Zone is defined by clinical blood markers routinely used at Harvard Medical School.

There are three clinical markers that define if you are in the Zone or not. This is not a multiple choice. Either all three clinical markers are within their ideal values or you are not in the Zone.

Clinical Marker Ideal Value What It Indicates
TG/HDL ratio 1 Level of insulin resistance in the liver
AA/EPA ratio 1.5-3 Level of diet-induced Inflammation in the body
HbA1c 5% Level of Advanced Glycoslated Endproducts (AGE)

Each of these clinical markers is controlled by the diet. Only when all three clinical markers are in their ideal values can you be considered to in the Zone. These also become the clinical markers for wellness.

Based on the ideal values of these clinical markers, less than 1% of Americans can be considered to be in the Zone where the levels of diet-induced inflammation is being managed correctly. In the Zone, you will live longer and better because you are controlling diet-induced inflammation. That is also the secret to maintaining wellness.

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