Anti-Inflammatory Supplements To The Zone Diet

As powerful as the Zone Diet is, it is only one part of the complete Zone Anti-Inflammatory nutrition program to manage diet-induced inflammation on a lifetime basis.

The Zone Anti-inflammatory nutrition program consists of three distinct dietary components as shown below:

  1. The Zone Diet controls hormonal balance to reduce the generation of diet-induced inflammation.
  2. Supplemental omega-3 fatty acids increase the resolution of diet-induced inflammation.
  3. Supplemental polyphenols control gut biology and slow the aging process.

Each component of the Zone Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program is powerful in its own right, but working together they provide a powerful dietary roadmap to get you to the Zone where diet-induced inflammation can be controlled for a lifetime.

However to keep you in the Zone, you probably need to supplement your diet adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols. The optimal levels you need come from the clinical tests that define the Zone. The AA/EPA ratio is the best clinical marker of the levels of omega-3 fatty concentrates needed to promote the resolution of existing inflammation, whereas your HbA1c level will indicate the levels of polyphenols required to maintain gut health and slow down the aging process to make sure you are constantly in the Zone.

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